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Interactive Pony Activities

Positively Pony Program

So many wonderful things happen when children interact with horses and ponies. 

Specifically designed for the younger child, our Positively Pony Program builds trust and confidence during fun activities and games with our kind, gentle ponies.  Safety, education and FUN are our goals. 

All sessions begin with meeting and grooming one of our miniature horses. 

The bond starts here!   

Introductory Package

  • We’re Having A Ball! -Meet and greet your pony.After a grooming session in the wash stall, learn correct leading techniques while playing a simple game with cones and tennis balls.  

  • Two For Tea - After grooming, hoof cleaning and pedestal practice, enjoy a tea party in the courtyard with your pony! Grandparents are welcome to attend.​

  • Treasure Hunt Time! - Lead your pony on an interactive search in and around the barn to find a treasure for both the child and the pony.  ​

  • You Hold the Reins - Time for a pony cart ride!  Seated next to an instructor your child can experience the joy of driving a miniature horse.  Helmet required.​

    This package of four lessons (45-70 minutes) - $200

Trot On Package

  1.  Mystery Maze - Follow clues throughout and around the barn to a surprise at the end.  Learn what ponies eat, where the tack room is, what hay looks like and more.

  2. Scrub A Dub Dub, Pony in a Tub - Weather permitting, help give your pony a bath! Hair ribbons and bows add an extra touch.

  3. Crazy for Carrots Cones Game - Earn carrots for your pony by completing various tasks in and around the barn.Enjoy a carrot-y snack afterwards in the barn kitchen with your pony.

  4. Trail Trek - Take your pony for a “trail walk” scavenger hunt.Who knows what surprises you’ll find along the way!

This package of four lessons (45-70 minutes) - $200

For more information contact:  Cindy  908-347-3453     or     Lois 484-332-7424 

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