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The Natural Superiority of Mules by John Hauer

Recently we at CCF were more than a little excited to have owner Mandy bring her fine mule, Cletus (pictured below with Jean), to the farm to live. This is the first mule to live here at the farm, although we have known some others. Years and years ago our friend Rita Bowman (pictured below astride) "went mule" and never looked back. Cletus has proved to be personable, sweet and very easy on the eyes. I was thrilled to find that he had personally signed and donated a copy of this book to the farm's library. SO many misconceptions about mules are cleared in this book. To sum up: A mule is the hybrid offspring of a MALE donkey and a FEMALE horse. They are generally sterile. They are NOT stubborn! They are sure-footed, agile, long-lived, intelligent, tough, and less prone to colic and laminitis than their horse relatives. CCF thanks Cletus for his gift to the farm and encourages all CCF-ers to check out this fact-filled book. It can also be purchased online at all major booksellers. A huge four horseshoes up for this one!


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