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Doors by Cindy

Cindy paints doors.  Not just any doors...old doors that have stood the test of time.  Doors full of character and stories. 

Doors with chipping paint, rusting hinges, and elaborate doorknobs.  People often ask, “where do you find your doors?” 

That process is as interesting as the doors themselves!  Vintage door collectors are out there...they are passionate about their stash, and most of them can’t really explain why.  “We have followed door collectors out into old dilapidated barns and sheds,” says Cindy.  “Door guys” (as she calls them) do not part with their precious doors easily.  Door wheeling and dealing is an art in itself!  Check out the sampling of some of the Doors By Cindy below.  Better yet, come view them in person at the farm.  There’s always one or two or three great stories “behind the door” and that makes all the difference. See the story of each individual "Horse Behind the Door" click here

Click here to read about about Cindy's Inspiration


All "Doors By Cindy" can be viewed below.

Doors can also be seen in person…call (908-347-3453) or email for an appointment. 

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Available Paintings

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SOLD Paintings

Sold Paintings

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